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There are a few Uber drivers in Port Douglas and Cairns, but Uber is not huge in Port Douglas, as it is in other countries or in bigger cities in Australia.

As Uber drivers come and go, we can’t say with any certainty that you will always be able to find an Uber ride, but if you have the app and your payment details installed on your phone, it’s worth a try. Just don’t rely on finding an Uber.

To catch an Uber between Cairns Airport and Port Douglas will cost you between $120 and $200 Au. (approx)

For single travellers a seat on a shuttle bus is much cheaper, you need to book that here. A seat should cost you just under $50Au.

Likewise Uber Eats, but there is some Uber Eats service in Cairns, Palm Cove, Trinity Beach, Clifton Beach etc.

The Uber app shows drivers in your area.

Other ride sharing companies like Grab, haven’t made it to Port Douglas yet.

If Uber is unavailable you can book a shared shuttle, taxi, or driver with car. Most major tours and activities in Port Douglas include a pick-up from your local hotel.

If you choose to rent or hire a car for your stay in Port Douglas, use this car rental comparison tool to find the best price.

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