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The Shannonvale Swimming Hole is north of Port Douglas in Shannonvale. To get there, take Port Douglas Mossman Road (Captain Cook Highway, Route 44) north for about 20 minutes, take the left just before you enter Mossman. This road bends around to the left through countryside and cane fields, it will take you straight to the Shannonvale Swimming Hole Ford. If it has been raining, this road crossing will be at least partially underwater.

The Shannonvale Swimming Hole
Approaching the Shannonvale swimming hole and causeway from the Mossman side. People normally swim on the right here.

To the right of the road, there is a fairly deep swimming hole that is popular with locals. It’s formed by the water of the Soth Mossman River backing up behind the road crossing.

I’m not going to promise there are no crocodiles here! I’m not telling you it’s a safe place to swim, but there are often people swimming here. You can park just before the ford on the right.

Alternatively, you can reach the swimming hole from the other side and drive through the creek, to approach this way, take a left off the highway earlier, onto the Rex Range Rd, and then take the first right through the cane fields, past the Australian Chocolate Farm and Shannonvale Winery.

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