Feeding george the groper

Feeding George The Groper

Feeding George the groper used to be a daily event in Port Douglas, but sadly, it doesn’t happen today. I originally wrote this post several years ago, we were regulars at the groper feeding and we has photos. This post is republished on our new site, with a few current updates, like, what happened to … Read more

Best Time To Visit Port Douglas July Weather

Best Time to Visit Port Douglas

The best time to visit Port Douglas is of course when you can visit. Never let the weather put you off too much, but should you choose summer or winter, wet season or dry and should you factor in stinger season? A lot depends on which of the things to do in Port Douglas appeal … Read more

Waterfalls Near Port Douglas

Waterfalls to visit from Port Douglas The wet season is the best time to see waterfalls near Port Douglas. After heavy rains, the falls can be dramatic. But you can see waterfalls at any time of year. This post tells you about the best, most beautiful waterfalls to see, waterfall tours to book, plus a … Read more

Port Douglas Australia planning a trip

Planning a Trip to Port Douglas

Where To Start Planning Your Port Douglas Trip? Port Douglas is a stunning destination in Far North Queensland, Australia. It’s one of Australia’s very best vacation spots, with great hotels, abundant restaurants and access to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Visitors to Port Douglas come here to enjoy a tropical climate, the beach, … Read more

Where to eat in Port Douglas best food

Where to Eat in Port Douglas 2024

Where to eat in Port Douglas? The best restaurant for you in Port Douglas depends on the time of day, your budget, and what type of food you’d like to eat. Port Douglas has pub food, relaxed dining and quite a few top-end restaurants. You can feast on prawns, steaks, seafood platters, real Italian pasta … Read more

hook a barra barramundi farm near port douglas

Hook-A-Barra (Review)

If you’re visiting Port Douglas, include a few hours at Hook-A-Barra, just north of Port in your itinerary planning. It’s a fun thing to do for the whole family, the staff are great, the food is great, and you’ll learn a thing or two about barramundi along the way. We also have a discount code … Read more

Where is the best pizza in Port Douglas

Best Pizza in Port Douglas

There are plenty of places to eat pizza in Port Douglas, but where can you find the best pizza in town? As a Port Douglas local, pizza-lover, and chef, I make it my business to try every pizza I can. Here are my findings on the best pizzas in Douglas Shire Australia, with photos. Port … Read more

Weather Port Douglas

Where To Check The Weather For Port Douglas

If you need to check the Port Douglas weather, the following sites are the most reliable and useful. If you’re planning a beach day and need to know what the weather is like today, visit the Port Douglas webcam, it gives you an instant look at Port Douglas beach conditions. The beach webcam is here. … Read more

palm cove to port douglas road

Palm Cove to Port Douglas

The only way to get from Palm Cove to Port Douglas is by road along the Captain Cook Highway. There is no real public transport between Palm Cove and Port Douglas but there are shuttle buses and some free options. The drive between Palm Cove and Port Douglas is officially one of the most beautiful … Read more

Port Douglas Accommodation Map photo

Map of Port Douglas Accommodation

Port Douglas Australia has multiple accommodation options, as you can see on our map, below. There are campsites, hostels, motels, luxury resorts, holiday lets and rentals. You will find them all on our accommodation map, further down the page. These jump links will take you to the relevant section. We’ll also give you a few … Read more