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Port Douglas Coffee Shops

Port Douglas has a lot of independent small coffee shops, and none of the big chain coffee outlets. You won’t find a Starbucks or McDonald’s in Port Douglas!

Coffee is grown in Australia and in this part of Far North Queensland, so you have an opportunity to try our local beans. We even have a coffee museum not too far away, on The Tablelands.

Most of Port Douglas’s cafes and bakeries will also serve you a decent cup of coffee.

Our British and American visitors should know that you won’t be able to order an “Americano” in Australia. The closest equivalent to an Americano is a Long Black” coffee and it’s not quite the same. It’s very hard to get used to saying Long Black, “black coffee” will do.

Coffee overlooking the Sheraton Golf Course at St Crispin’s Port Douglas
Coffee and a breakfast pastry at Grant St. Bakery Port Douglas.

There is a high turnover rate of coffee shops and cafe’s in Port Douglas, places close down, new places open, but here are a few places we can personally recommend for coffee. See the list of coffee shops below.

Most places that serve coffee will give you coffee to take out.

We should also mention the coffee stand outside the IGA supermarket in Port Douglas, and the coffee carts at Port Douglas Sunday Markets.

If you’re heading to one of the boats for your day on the Great Barrier Reef, it’s easy to grab a takeaway coffee at Choo Choo’s on the marina.

  • Captain and Co on Macrossan St
  • Grant Street Bakery, Grant St.
  • Origin Espresso, Warn St.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, and that’s pretty close

If you’re looking for further information on the coffee museum, find out about Coffee Works in our Things To Do in Port Douglas Section.

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